Saturday, 2 October 2010

Friday 1st October

A week's gone by and I've heard nothing. Should I have heard something yet? How soon should an ultrasound be?

Today was a good day though... a fire in an electricity sub station somewhere took out all the power to my office so we didn't have to go in!
People were sent home 1st thing in the morning with instructions to call our department's national emergency line at 10am. At 10am the voicemail said call at noon. At noon it said call at 2pm and at 2pm it said the office was closed for the day, and for tomorrow, but people working Sunday should check the messages on Saturday... and then we hung up.
A while later, someone suggested that if we'd listened to the rest of the message, we've even been asked to call before leaving home on Monday morning! Whoo hoo - fingers crossed there'll be some major electricity problem meaning the office can't be reconnected for a week perhaps...

DS1's taxi was absolutely fine on Thursday afternoon and Friday. Maybe I should have made a formal complaint at the very 1st instance of anything going wrong? But I don't like to do that. If I have a problem with someone, I prefer to give them personally a chance to put it right before going above their head. And I gave them several "chances" and explained to them calmly why what they'd done had caused problems, but it didn't help.

It's been a manic week - I've included a very blurry picture of my Outlook calendar. Each of those coloured blocks represent an appointment, or meeting, or something out of the normal routine that needed doing... and see how there's now load over at the right hand side? That because I've been putting a lot of stuff off til weekend when I was hoping I'd feel a bit less stressed & weary... hmm... doubtful.

Sorry it's blurry, but I didn't want every Tom, Dick & Harriet to know exactly what and where, and who with... kids' privacy and all that.

Those orange blocks across every day.. that's a reminder for me to take my meds... right at the bottom is the 10pm reminder for DS1 to take a shower.. and for me or hubby to put the milk bottles out.. and check DS1's communication book (Where college tell me what DS1's been doing, and what he needs for class, and when there are changes to his schedule)

That's Monday in the 1st column, so if you count across, you'll see that a reminder went off today for me to decide which Christmas cards I want to send this year... yes, already!!! We've got reminders to send payments off for various bills as its the beginning of the month, and there was even one to remind me to take DS2 for a haircut straight after school today since it was about 10 weeks ago since he last had one.

Each of the colours signify something, like who the reminder concerns, and what its about, how urgent it is etc.

Sad huh? But without it, I'd be even more of a complete mess! Without it I would forget my blood pressure meds, my antibiotics, and my B-complex (which is supposed to give energy) and various other stuff. Without it I seriously think I would forget what day it was during the school holidays!

And it's all there on my laptop... and appointments that are during the work day get emailed in to my Outlook at work, so I can be reminded there too. And then I connect my phone to the laptop and sync all of them in to my mobile (cell) phone... a 2006 Windows Mobile version... like a brick now, but until I'm in a position to be able to afford a phone that does and equivalent thing, I can't change it!

I used to have a reminder to go to bed. It didn't work. I just snoozed it (Or BF'd it, to use a work term) for half an hour, or another half hour, and then another... and it'd be 5am again, as normal.

So, what's on Tomorrow? A new door-key to be cut, and a metal chain to attach it to... for inside DS1's gym bag so grandma can collect him from the gym.... get rubber soles put on my new boots because I'm sliding all over the place in them, and its not even icy yet!...Reminder to install iTunes on DS2's computer... to file away some paperwork... that Tesco is going to deliver groceries between noon and 2pm...and more! So I'd better get to bed!


  1. Awww, I'm sorry - but imagine my Aaaarrrggghh! moment when I looked at this week's calendar and saw that!
    Next week's a lot less Aaarrrggghhh, and more Eeeek!