Friday, 3 December 2010

The lump... results of the tests...

The scan report said:

There is a 2.1mm x 1.1mm well defined hypoechoic mobile soft tissue mass seen in the subcutaneous region. 

The mass is mobile from side to side, but not superiorly or inferiorly and the appearances and characteristics are suggestive of a benign lesion, probably a neurofibroma or a schwannoma.

As it is very small with no worrisome features, I have asked her to contact you if the is any change in size of if it becomes symptomatic. We will then consider any alternative imaging, as with its current size and other imaging would not be any more useful.
However, I went back to my GP and asked him to remove the lump as it kept drawing my attention and that started me of wondering "Does it feel bigger?" "Is my hand touching it because it is itching?" and other questions.

The GP declined, citing reasons like "Sometimes when we tinker with these things it can trigger it to turn cancerous" and "sometimes it can spark off more to grow if we interfere with them"

He was very nice about it, even admitted that he would get paid quite a bit more by the NHS if he were to remove it, but at present it wouldn't be in my best interest to do it.

And when I googled images of a neurofibroma or a schwannoma, it scared me in to agreeing with him, I don’t really want to interfere with it and spark it in to producing more of them!