Saturday, 25 September 2010

Saturday Morning

He woke up & went off to work, leaving us all sleeping. Don't get me wrong - this is good. He wasn't so selfish as to bang about waking us all up, and he's working at the weekend because he knows we're broke.

I woke up a while later and decided to listen to an audio book in bed whilst everything was still quiet. The kids woke up, sorted themselves out and began playing on their computers. After checking there was nothing they needed, I returned to the audio book.

12:40pm he came home. Sorted out DS2's tomato plants that had suffered from the first overnight frost the night before and then started to take the swimming pool down for the winter.

1pm he came in to the bedroom and heard me listening to the book. "Coffee?" he asked "Yes please!" I replied. Suppose its time I should be out of the bedroom and doing stuff.

Moved in to the lounge... "Well? How is it? Is it OK?" he asked.
I was stunned! He was FINALLY asking how I'd gone on at the doc's yesterday! "Ummm... What?" I said, more out of shock than anything else.
"The book. It's Stephen Fry's new autobiography, isn't it? How is it?"
My heart sank. "Yeah, its OK" I replied.

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