Sunday, 26 September 2010

Saturday Night

Dad's birthday party... good evening - managed to get my brother on one side, out of earshot of the kids and tell him.

Home about 10pm - Poppy's litter tray stinks BAD - I missed the 10 days alarm, and it really can't go 2 weeks without being gross!

Emptied the crystals in to a bin-bag & went to wash out the tray under the shower. Whilst I was in there hubby came in. And FINALLY! He asked me about it. I think my mum said something to him at the party about it which reminded him.  

He felt it again and decided that yep, it was still there, but he didn't answer when I asked him if he thought it was any bigger or smaller than it had been. Instead he made me feel some lumps he's had on his ribs for years, which he'd told me years ago were from when he broke them - think he said he'd done it falling off a motorbike. 

What is this? My several rib lumps are better than your one chest lump?

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