Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Sunday 26th & Monday 27th September

Sunday - slept late, til about noon - which was OK because the kids didn't wake up til then either. 
Lazed around a while then had a panic that DS1 has his "NHS Prescription Exercise" on Tuesday morning and he's put so much weight on that none of the gym gear he has will still fit, and DS2 needs some ink-jet t-shirt transfers for his dodgeball t-shirt before Thursday.

Ended up at Blackburn Matalan where I got him 2 x joggy pants & 2 x hoodies to wear with the long sleeved t-shirts of dad's that he's going to use. And next door at Staples for the ink-jet transfers.

Had done practically nothing but shattered. Came home and dozed in lounge chair.

Monday - couldn't wake up this morning - then had a manic 1st few hours resulting in arriving at work an hour later than normal.  
Explained to my boss that normally, DS1's taxi arrives at just after 8am & then once he's gone I go in the shower... when it hadn't turned up by 8:30am I rang the company who said they had no-one available until 10am, so I decided to drive him in to college, leaving DS2 with my mum to take in to school. Got home from driving DS1 and jumped in to the shower, and as soon as I got out, DS1 arrived back in a taxi that college had called because his tutor was off sick today... so then I had to arrange that mum could sort out DS1 for the day.  - It's not as much work as it seems. She just needed to check on him every couple of hours, sort him out with some lunch, and make sure he's ready in time for his driving lesson.
Collected DS2 from school at normal time then went to Factory Shop to get a gym bag for DS1 for tomorrow's 1st gym session.
Home & sort out something for tea - so weary I could barely keep my eyes open.

Hubby arrived home at 5:15pm - cheated for tea - DS2 had cottage pie leftovers from yesterday, DS1 had some Aldi meatball soup, hubby had a tin of Heinz Spag Bol with half a bag of rice added in, and I had Heinz Ravioli with the other half of the rice.

I don't remember finishing eating it, but I must have done, and at 6pm hubby went off with DS1 to Beavers. (Hubby's a Beaver/Cub/Scout Leader and DS1 is technically an Explorer/Young Leader) DS2 occupied himself on his computer. And the next thing I knew they woke me up returning home at 6:20pm because hubby had forgotten there was no Beavers this evening because the school hall is being used for something else.

Alarms/Reminders going off on my phone: 
To sort out replying to Council Tax Benefit that whilst they have the correct overall result that for 6 weeks we had nothing to pay, their calculations are wrong as they've included benefits that hubby hasn't had in over a year!
To fill in my PTG1 for applying for bursary for year 3 of my Uni course.
To find the paperwork that they gave DS1 on Wednesday for his Gym Induction tomorrow.
To put the milk bottles outside
Shopping needed
Apply for DS2's High School before October Half Term Hols
Send a jacket back that I'd ordered & doesn't hang right
Write to Tax Credits and tell them I think they're wrong... long story
Go to the Opticians and ask how come DS2 says his specs "hurt" his eyes
Decide on a Project Topic for my degree

(explanation - I'm soooo scatterbrained that EVERYTHING I need to do goes in to the computer & then gets downloaded to my phone so that reminders pop up to do the stuff - if I don't do this, I forget things, I miss appointments, turn up to the dentists a week early, leave stuff at home that the kids needed for school, etc
I have an ongoing shopping & to do list and other stuff goes on there too, like making DS1 have a shower at least every other day)

Too worn out to do any of them, but some are urgent & required for tomorrow - like DS1's Gym Induction paperwork & Leisure Pass etc. So all the rest get put off to remind again on Wednesday at 3pm, and I start looking for the paperwork.

I look everywhere - absolutely everywhere - in all the rooms - and I can't find it. Whilst I'm looking I find other paperwork for stuff that needs reminders setting (Like a school trip for DS2 in June 2011!) and throw away some junk that should never have been kept.

Can't find it anywhere - I distinctly remember coming home after work and putting the little membership cards inside the leaflets and booklets and putting them on hubby's laptop or chair so he could see them, and then I don't know what happened to them.

I've trashed the lounge now by getting absolutely everything out to search, and in tears of desperation decide to tidy up a little bit. I take the bin in to the kitchen to sort the trash in to plastic recycling (jelly containers!), waste paper recycling and regular junk... 

As I get right to the bottom of the bin, I find DS1's documentation that I've spent the past 6 hours looking for! Right underneath receipts from some of the stuff we bought at weekend, so I know they've been in the bin for days.  How the hell did they get in the bin?  Did I do it? Am I losing my mind? Is the stress of everything getting to me?

Pah! Who cares - found them now. Now I have to sort out DS1's gym bag ready for tomorrow morning.... and complete my PTG1 so I can hand it in at Student Services tomorrow night... and its only 3am now!

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  1. I'd say your stress levels are reaching dangerous highs. All those small stress points added to the big ones...Is it any wonder you're so scattered? I know when I'm overly stressed I start forgetting/dropping/destroying/misplacing things in record numbers. I also get horribly clumsy and end up with bruises all over my legs and arms and can't recall where they came from.

    I wish I knew what to say. I don't have a solution, other than perhaps you need to find some time (HA! I know) for something that restores you.